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In our store we have three forms of obtaining a discount for our registered clients:

  1. Discount program

  2. Loyalty program

  3. Discount codes

1. Discount program

Each registered store customer is covered by our discount program. What does it mean?

After registering in our store, each customer receives a 2% discount on each product offered by us.

Thanks to registration you can immediately feel the benefits of the discount system.

With the increase of the number of orders, the percentage of the discount will also increase.

The more you buy, the bigger discount you have from us!

Discount program in practice

How does it look in practice? If the customer spends for shopping more than 1,000 PLN, receives on the next shopping not 2 but 3 percent of the discount for the products from the discount program. When the client buys for another 2,000 PLN, the total amount he or she spended will be over 3,000 PLN and he or she will receive a 5% discount for the next shopping.

The discount thresholds:

Start discount 2%
After spending over 1 000 PLN 3%
After spending over 3 000 PLN 5%
After spending over 5 000 PLN 7%
After spending over 10 000 PLN 9%

Create an account now and get a start discount!


After logging in, you can already see product prices with a fixed discount:

2. Loyalty program

 Our loyalty program makes shopping even more attractive. Each registered user in my offer can collect points for:

  • making purchases in the (each product has a certain number of points),
  • issuing opinions on purchased products
  • issuing opinions on our blog about purchased products  (BLOG page)
  • subscribing to the newsletter

    It depends on you how and when you will use the collected points.

And in practice it looks like this:

When shopping, you get points

We will appreciate all your activities in the store. Each purchase in our store is rewarded with points in the Loyalty Program. The number of points depends on the price of the purchased product. During the purchase you get information about the number of points awarded for the purchase of a specific product.

(Points are added automatically after 14 days from completing the order)

10 POINTSfor
each 100 PLN

Leave feedback about products

For each product opinion approved by store staff, points are also earned. You can give an opinion on any number of products you have purchased. 

(points are added automatically after approval of the opinion by store staff)

each approved opinion

Write a product review on the blog

Test the purchased product, take pictures and share your opinion with others using the following link:

Go to the BLOG form

(points are added by store staff)

each approved reviewa

Sign up to our newsletter

Points also receive those registered customers who will sign up to our newsletter, thanks to which you will receive information about promotions, news and other actions in our store by e-mail.

(Points are added immediately after subscribing to the newsletter)

signing up to our newsletter

I already have points, now what?

Exchange points for PLN in the balance

If you already have loyalty points on your account, you can exchange them for a discount on the placed order. The size of the discount depends on the points accumulated on the account.

100 POINTS can be exchanged for 20 PLN in the cart
200 POINTS can be exchanged for 50 PLN in the cart
300 POINTS can be exchanged for 90 PLN in the cart
400 POINTS can be exchanged for 140 PLN in the cart
500 POINTS can be exchanged for 200 PLN in the cart

Where can I find the number of points which I can get for buying a given product? 

This information is displayed next to each product on its product page:


How many points do I have?

You can check the number of points you have by logging on to your account. In the "LOYALTY PROGRAM" section, you'll see how many points you have.Go to your account to check the number of points

How do you get a rebate for points?

Log in to the store, enter "Your account", in the LOYALTY PROGRAM section click "Exchange points for discount".

You can also do it from the Cart: 

NOTE - Points awarded are available ONLY after buying through the online store at prices visible on the site.
The fixed rebate (from the discount program) is not combined with a discount for points (from the loyalty program).
Purchases with usage of points are not rewarded with extra points.

3. Discount codes

If you received a discount coupon with a code, you can use it in the basket on our website.

Below we show a photo with a box marked, where you should enter the discount code to get a discount.

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